Happy Happy 4th of July!!

Love Mug Rug

I can’t believe another year has come and gone….I spent last 4th of July with some very special friends at their beach house, eating great food, watching fireworks and talking about the possibility of them moving to the east coast for this 4th of July.  Well that possibility became a reality in April and they are now living somewhere in North Carolina.

 Does that mean we can’t go to their beach house anyway? Well, since they don’t live there anymore (boo hoo) I have to find someplace or something else to do!

 I’ve come up with the perfect plan and it wasn’t even my idea…..I’m gonna sew all day with my favorite quilters!

 Its a great consolation prize – right??

Now speaking of prizes…

I’ve decided to give away 4 (get it 4th of July) of my holiday mug rugs!  I use them everywhere, I put my lap top on one when its on my lap, I put lunch on one, I use for coffee and breakfast – so many uses and so pretty too.  I make these mug rugs with special combination of leftover scraps, so they look scrappy but they are actually coordinated.  The heart is a signature design for Ladylike – I can and will be making stars too.  I fill with a lightweight filler flannel and quilt with a meandering stitch.  I also use a hand binding as you would a quilt.  They are a very sturdy and completely washable.

I’m very curious what you do for 4th of July, so if you want to drop me a line or just say hello – I’ll assign a number and throw your number in a hat along with the rest and draw 4 numbers on Monday and let you know if you won.

Here are some more pictures of my finished mug rugs….

Mug Rug

Trio Mug Rugs

Enjoy this holiday will all you can! Blessings, Bev

Take my heart and more….

Hearts are blooming, its that time of year…          2/6/15

This Saturday I will be teaching this fun quilt called “Love in Bloom”.  The softest colors of aqua and pink accented with dreamy reds!  The hearts of up and down and the blooms are perfectLove in Bloom topper for calming the eye.  I created this ribbon sashing of varying colors for a sweet finish.  This pattern is also available on my website through the month of Feb for a sweet price of $9.00 each.  The patterns also includes a table topper option and mug rug information
all these options for price of one! For pattern, click here

Feb 27, 2015 also begins my online Block of the Month – so excited to have many joining me for the gorgeous monthly block adventure called “Dresden Dreams”

“Dresden Dreams”

I’ve spent a fun time playing with some of my favorite Dresden blocks, some have pointed tips with small circles in the center and some have curved tips with large circles in the center, but they are all colorful and pretty!

Here’s how it works….The lessons begin Feb 27, 2015 and continues monthly for 7 months.  This quilt will teach piecing skills and 2 different types of applique, machine and hand stitch.  (Dont worry if you don’t like applique, the machine stitch is so much fun and super easy)  You will prepare two blocks per month (except month 4 – you will prepare three blocks).  The final month will be quilt assembly and layout options.  I promise to share tips on color and design and all that fun stuff!  There will be a $10 charge each month for the lessons.  This quilt will be a treasure for you or someone special with a stunning finish.

Here’s what you will get each month……You will receive a PDF file to download each month and print on your printer, unless you order for lesson to be shipped (shipping will apply).  We will talk about fabrics and color values and I will offer kits as much as I can – still working on fabric choices too!   For now my quilt is scrappy with a strong variety in blues, aqua, apricot, salmon and red.   I will also include tutorials for some very quick tips to help you along…
Tinkering with applique, can be so difficult for some quilters, but that’s not you right!  Besides the piecing techniques I will show you the best applique techniques that will ease you in and give you comfort and confidence!  My samples below are just that – samples.  You may choose any color combination of course, there are only a few spots that color value is important and I will include that information with the first lesson.  The quilt includes a soft sashing to make the quilt look stunning, and also to ease in block assembly.
You can leave the sashing out if you like.   I will make a few kits available (based on availability), so please note on registration if you are interested in kit.
I will include border options with or without applique and corners of quarter dresden blocks.

I look forward to chatting with you each month and of course seeing your finished blocks and then your finished quilt.  I will have a Facebook page set up for you load your images and of leave any comments you like – a little more about that later.  I know you will enjoy this experience with most beautiful dresden dreams.  Registration is free but is required, so I can keep in touch with you, now lets have some fun!

Join me today by visiting my website to register for more information.

I’m not normally a competitive type…

IMG_1289 (2)

As some of may know I sell my designs thru other distributors and one of them is Craftsy and they are having a contest called ” Craftsy Pattern Design Awards my store is filled with all my favorites and my latest patterns.  I’m not normally a competitive type, but I want to ask my friends, […]

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Busy, rest, busy, busy…

French Twist

Wow have I been busy….not only working on new designs but working on quilt shows as well!  I am having fun though – I love quilting and everything associated with it and this is the kind of busy that makes me happy!! Speaking of busy, as the holidays draw near I would like to share […]

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