…thinking about hearts

A finished quilt so close, I can taste the candy hearts……

This fun quilt is called “Bloom in Love” a perfect blend of hearts and flowers!  I’m adding the finishing touches and its off to the quilter….can’t wait to see what she does with it!



Until then… please visit my Heart page on my website for these completed and much enjoyed heart quilts!  Patterns can be downloaded in 30 minutes and you can finish the quilt by Valentines day!

Random Hearts


A new year is here and all I can think about are hearts!

I love heart quilts and make 2 or 3 a year, for Ladylike Designs they bring to life romance and beauty…and of course Love!

Dancing Hearts

A different color combination, but the same feeling of love!



Candy Hearts


Filled with simple pieced hearts set in a simple log cabin block. Fast table topper or wall hanging just right for Heart lover!.

Violets Valentine

quilting 004

Dreamy heart blocks set on point and covered with color!  The patchwork border is much easier than it looks and a perfect finish!

Happy Heart Day…..

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