Heart Giveaway….

In the mood to give away hearts…..I have these cute little heart mug rugs just for you! 

Mug rugs are everywhere, I use them all over my office and in my sewing room – its like a really big AND pretty coaster.  Mine are sized at 8-1/2 x 12 – so look around your home and find a good spot for it – its easy to enter

and here how…….go to my Ladylike Designs Facebook page and click like, I’m trying to build it up and with your help I can!!  I will enter you in my drawing for one of these mug rugs.

Love mug rug

love mug rug 2

love mug rug 3

This heart is a charming patchwork heart that started from my newest pattern “Love in Bloom”  I started this quilt last year and did not get it finished before Valentines Day – so it became a quest to finish this year and I did! 

Love in Bloom pattern

This patterns (as most of my patterns) is available in printed form or PDF, if you would like to order – please click here – I also have a few kits from these fabrics, but they will go quickly.

I hope you have a lovely Valentines Day with someone very special, including YOU!

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